Educated Unemployed Indian

Photography is amazing! You can capture a moment & capture it with your unique perspective. You know what’s even more amazing than photography? 

I can’t answer this question, I’ll sound like a nitwit if I do! I mean the heading of this post makes the answer quite obvious. 

I absolutely love mobile photography & I don’t think I’m the only one! The number of mobile photography enthusiasts are on a (high) rise. There are two reasons for this in my opinion: 

  • Technology: You can do so much with the powerful technology you’ve in the palm of your hands! 
  • Social media: Everyone has a phone, everyone uses it to take photos & everyone (except Keanu 💖 Reeves) is on social media. You do the maths! 

There may be other reason/s, but that’s not important. As lame as this sounds, I’m going to say it: forget the reason, enjoy…

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